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Inma Puicercús Martin was born in Huesca, Spain. Educated in classical music, choir and violin, she began her music studies at the age of 8 at the High School of Music “Miguel Angel Fleta” in Huesca, directed by Mr. Conrado Beltran.

Her first public performance took place at the age of 11 with the Young Choir “Miguel Fleta” winning several prices and awards.

At the age of 14, she discovered the Flamenco music and a new musical and artist world appeared as an option to the classical institution. La Tate started her collaboration with musicians from other disciplines discovering the musical diversity and performing her second Studio record with the band “VANADIS” and the song “Cum de Core” and adding new collaborations with musicians coming from hybrid music...

Her passion for the Flamenco moved her to Andalusia to study this art.
La Tate has been living in Salamanca, Grenade, Switzerland and Barcelona for academic moving periodically to Seville, Jerez and Madrid to be trained by the best masters of the Flamenco.

She graduated in Master of Arts in Psychology and specialized in Psychodrama Techniques and Integrative Body Techniques.

She has been trained by Flamenco’s Masters as La Presy, La Tani, La Chana, Farruquito, María José González de Eva, Yerbabuena, CIA, Alfonso Losa and Antonio Canales.

In the development of her dance style, La Tate has been working with several Flamenco dancing groups as Flor y Canela and Karamelo, in Barcelona, Huesca, Saragossa and Grenade sharing the bill with artists as Zambo, Moraito Chico, Juan Villar, Remedios Amaya...

Her presence has been highlighted in the Saragossa Universal Expo sharing the bill with the dancer Pedro Córdova and other famous current musicians as Raul Levía, Oliver Haldon, Castilla and Antonio “El Mantecao”.
In Barcelona, she has performed in several stages as the “Theatre La Paloma” or the Flamenco show “Los Tarantos”, in the Plaza Real, working with artists such as Juan de Gloría, CIA, Gloria Palos, Oliver Haldón, Antonio Mantecao, David Domínguez, Iñaki Márkez and Nacho Blanco.
Currently, she is working in the musical “The Zorro”, produced by Rafael Amargo, the Gypsy Kings and the company Stage Entertainment and performed in Moscow.

As Flamenco’s dance teacher, La Tate has a  large experience in dance schools giving lessons, courses and workshops. As psychologist, she has an almost perfect balance between teaching, passion and the purest techniques of the Flamenco’s dance without neglecting the importance of the physical condition and sport.

She has been teacher of Flamenco in the “Youkali” Musical Theatre School, in the school of the “Danza Color Company”, located in San Cugat del Vallés, in “Girasol” Studio, Barcelona, “Casa de Andalucía”, Huesca, workshops in South Pyrenees, France, “Músicas del Mundo” Festival, “Escuela de Flamenquería”, Moscow, “Escola A Tempo”, Barcelona...

According to her experience in the teaching of Flamenco’s dance, her activities cover several areas from awareness, the techniques of the dance and the workshops of Flamenco, always taking into account the roots of this dance; African&Cuban, Indian and Arabic roots.  






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